Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Just an update

So it's been awhile since my last post! What's new you may be wondering - well nothing really. Life goes on as normal, Logan is one now and I'm still not back in school. We had hoped to get a second car sometime soon but that doesn't look possible and buying a house fell through horribly because of our bad credit - one of the many things that now got put on the back burner again. Homes here in our town as so ridiculously low right now, a new home is only 150k (low for an area that has an avg of 250k) and while we'd love to get one it's just not going to happen unfortunately.

I'm thinking of starting a bussiness making and selling baby/toddler items like appliqued onsies/shirts, bows, carriers, diaper bags, etc. We'll see how that goes since we are currently looking for a new home and thinking about maybe going the apartment route for now. A 3 bedroom with an area for me to work would be awesome right now! :) I plan to have all of this up and going by Oct the latest, so wish me luck on that.
My eventual dream would be to open a handmade baby boutique, though selling "name brand" items wouldn't hurt either. I've always want me own business but it's scary, I'd hate for it to fail and us to be even worse off then now.