Monday, March 10, 2008


So on Friday we took a trip to Wells Fargo to discuss our pre approval for a loan. Turns out our credit has taken more of a turn for the worst than we expected. While I'd lost hope at first and kind of resigned to the fact that we wouldn't be able to get this property because of different factors, financially we could afford it but credit wise no bank would touch us. BUT today one of my friends introduced me to a government program that seems very prominent and well funded mainly because it's not well know. I won't name it for now but maybe when we have success with it I'll pass it on to my low-income friends and readers.
Anyway with this program for low-income households we will be able to get a 100% financed loan as long as we can prove that we're working with our creditors (which we have been). I have a few things to dispute on our credit report one of which is that BoA is claiming we owe 135$ (which has accumlated from apparently 7$ in finance charges! RIDIC!) on a credit card that was paid in full, closed, and no longer have access to! I really hate BoA and stupid me must have thrown out our last bill from back in June so I have no proof that the payoff amount was paid and not just the balance, but I do have the receipt of the payment and the amount so once I find out how much the payoff was I'll be able to prove them wrong!
I'm going to call the number I was given and really hope that they have funds and can help us, if not then I'll find out when they will get funds and work so hard to up our credit even more. My friend got preapproval for 150k for 400$ a month! can't beat that!

BTW my parents are again on their crazed "search-for-justice-staying-up-until-4am-annoying-the-hell-out-of-me-spree" so this program is my last hope to salvage my sanity.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

The househunt continues..

so we looked at another home in Visalia today, this time to buy not rent. It was cute and small (around 1,000 sq ft) 3bdr/1bath on almost a half acre corner lot (+++!) BUT (there always seems to be "but" doesn't there?) it needs quite a bit of TLC, updating, remodeling, and all that fun stuff. It's a foreclosure, which we didn't know until we set up a showing and they told us, so I guess needing TLC is to be expected right? For the price they're asking it's not too bad and since it's currently a bank "short sale" they'd take way less since they want it gone.

I think Michael is fighting over the next step because of current events and also just buying and owning a home is a really huge thing! It's overwhelming! We haven't been pre qualified so we really need to see how much banks will give us and Tulare County has some good first time home buyer assistance stuff too (if all the funds aren't gone... I won't go into this right now...) that if we don't take advantage of within the next few years we may never qualify for it again because hopefully I'll be starting school for a career and then we'll make too much. I'm excited but scared all at the same time because it's such a great opportunity and I wish we were in just a little bit better of a situation right now! If we can get assistance I know we could do it no problem, so there is where it sits. Please send us positive "assistance" vibes!

I always end up getting way to ahead of myself thinking what we can do with this house, how we can make it better, how I will decorate it and all that only to be crushed when we really just can't swing it... I wish buying a home and living the "American Dream" was so much easier!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Something exciting happened today!

101 Dalmatians was released on DVD! :) I'm a dork I know it but that is my all time favorite movie, I had the VHS and I think I watched it just about everyday when I was younger. I love that now I've got the DVD and Logan can watch it with me. It's 2am and I just got back from buying it at our crazy 24 hour Walmart!

Seriously though, if you've got kids buy it! Best move ever.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

JBF Sale!

So while the consignment sale is still going on for the rest of the week, it's over for me. I think I may have gone a bit overboard with my buying but I shouldn't have to buy much for Logan over the next 6 months. I got him around 14 outfits consisting of onsies, shirts, pants, shorts, and shortalls that will last him until October at least. I still need to get him some pjs since the only ones I could find in his size were the short/shirt ones and I got 5 of those but no footies (I make him wear footies since he insists on always taking off his socks in the middle of the night and then his feet get cold - I dread the day he realizes HE can take off all of his clothes....), so I'll have to hit up some department stores in hopes of finding clearance ones. I also bought some 18-24 month sized clothes as well so that he has something to hold him over when it starts getting cold in October until the next sale! :) I did find 5 footies in that size so I bought those but it'll be awhile before he fits into them.
I bought him TONS of toys too, again he shouldn't be needing any new ones until the end of the year. I got him a cute little radio flyer bouncy/rocking horse that he loved while we were there but I think in all honesty he might be a tad afraid of it. We also got a "fisher price drop and roar dinosaur" in really great condition with 15 roll around balls for 10$! I was really happy about that and currently I think that's his favorite toy. We also bought some peek-a-blocks, a peek-a-block turtle that you put the shaped blocks into, and a baby grand piano (which of course he's already mastering Mozart on!).
All in all I spent about 60$ on those toys, 90$ on clothes, $15 on DVDs ("Sign w/Baby" and Baby Einstein "Baby Shakespeare"), and $10 on a smaller stroller to keep in the car. I spent a total of $180 which DH was not happy about but I think I got a great deal on all the stuff I bought!
I'll update this with pictures sometime Monday.