Monday, March 10, 2008


So on Friday we took a trip to Wells Fargo to discuss our pre approval for a loan. Turns out our credit has taken more of a turn for the worst than we expected. While I'd lost hope at first and kind of resigned to the fact that we wouldn't be able to get this property because of different factors, financially we could afford it but credit wise no bank would touch us. BUT today one of my friends introduced me to a government program that seems very prominent and well funded mainly because it's not well know. I won't name it for now but maybe when we have success with it I'll pass it on to my low-income friends and readers.
Anyway with this program for low-income households we will be able to get a 100% financed loan as long as we can prove that we're working with our creditors (which we have been). I have a few things to dispute on our credit report one of which is that BoA is claiming we owe 135$ (which has accumlated from apparently 7$ in finance charges! RIDIC!) on a credit card that was paid in full, closed, and no longer have access to! I really hate BoA and stupid me must have thrown out our last bill from back in June so I have no proof that the payoff amount was paid and not just the balance, but I do have the receipt of the payment and the amount so once I find out how much the payoff was I'll be able to prove them wrong!
I'm going to call the number I was given and really hope that they have funds and can help us, if not then I'll find out when they will get funds and work so hard to up our credit even more. My friend got preapproval for 150k for 400$ a month! can't beat that!

BTW my parents are again on their crazed "search-for-justice-staying-up-until-4am-annoying-the-hell-out-of-me-spree" so this program is my last hope to salvage my sanity.

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