Friday, January 25, 2008


I need to vent! I'm so angry right now. We've been living with my parents since October to try and get back on our feet financially but I feel like I've lost my sanity. I'd forgotten how hard living with my parents could be, or maybe I just thought that it would be different this time around.
I love my parents I really do but both of them have their faults. Yes I'm very aware that EVERYONE has faults but I have to wonder why did I put myself into this situation? and even more why did I put Logan and Michael into this situation? I really feel that a.) this is not a nurturing environment for Logan. My mom and I constantly bicker, if she doesn't have a reason to fight with me she makes one up. I can't be a good mommy while I'm in a bad mood and stressed out. and b.) my marriage is suffering. I'd been told that moving back in with my parents would do this but I'd really thought that we were strong enough to be ok. I feel bad because I'm stressed and from fighting with my mom all day long I'm in a bad mood when Michael gets home. I take it out on him and I know it's wrong.
I'm looking for rental listings and if worst comes to worst we can always move in with Michael's parents. After all I can be just as miserable there as I can be here, only I won't have my mom fighting with me.

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