Monday, January 28, 2008

It's househunting season!

Well we've found a few potential houses that we are going to look into this week, however I'm so agitated right now. Michael had been trying to apply for a new job but he had to apply online and the program messed up, apparently now he can't reapply for 90 days! He didn't even finish the application I don't see why they can't let him resubmit it somehow. Total crap.

And one of our friends who we told about the job he was applying for applied and got a position which just shows me that ad everything gone right he would have gotten hired too. I'm so upset about this right now I'm in tears. This could have been our ticket to a better life. I'd been feeling more upbeat until today, now I feel completely down in the dumps again. :(

I should be sleeping right now, it's about 3am but I can't - or maybe I won't. I have too much on my mind, not just this job stuff but also bills and stress with my parents. I hate these childish games. I hate being in the MIDDLE of these childish games.

something else I realized I need to start planning in Logan's birthday party, we've only got about a month and a half left! On a bright note I did our taxes on Thursday and we're getting back a very substantial amount of money. I'm happy about that, maybe we'll buy ourselves something nice and of course we need to save a bit of it and part of it goes into a savings account for Logan and a big 1st birthday present! I guess that's one nice thing about his birthday being in March, we'll always have money for a really great present for him when he's older. :)

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