Thursday, February 07, 2008


I've been so sick for the past two days and it's been horrible, I HATE being sick! I'm feeling a bit better now, though my sinus' are still bothering me and my nose is like a faucet. I hope Logan doesn't pick up whatever it is I've got. We took Logan to the Dr yesterday just to make sure he hadn't caught it since he's been sticking his finger down his throat and coughing but he checked out great. I think I take Logan to the Dr too much, I just get so worried and my biggest motto is "better safe than sorry" lol though I guess if I'd listened to myself I wouldn't have Logan in the first place. ^_^
Anyway that's why I haven't posted much, well that and I've been playing the Sim2 again! That's like my favorite game of all time, I get so sucked into it and that's the end there's no pulling me back to reality. I'm working on getting the house together for my Mary Kay debut on Monday, I'm really excited about that but nervous and anxious too. I need to sell 200$ worth of products to become "active" but I won't see a dime of it unless I sell 300$ worth of product. I'm hoping that I can get enough people to come, if 20 people come and buy 20$ worth of stuff I'm all set! Though I doubt I could get that many people to come so we'll see how it turns out.
It looks like we aren't doing anything for Valentines day, I'm kinda down about that. I was really looking forward to going skiing and snowboard but I don't see it happening. I love Michael so much but he's really not the romantic type, I rarely get "just because" flowers and I'm lucky if I even get a card on my birthday. *sigh*
Even though I was sick we did work on emptying the garage a bit and even though we didn't throw out much we did sort and condense a good portion of it. I found a bunch of old clothing that I'm going to take to the salvation army, old photos (I'll have to scan some!), stories I wrote back in jr high (that I want to type up and save), and some other things I'd been looking for. It made me think of starting my own bussiness, I wish I could open something like a baby boutique! I've always wanted my own business though I've really been jumping back and forth between a book store and a baby boutique I think that a baby boutique would do much better and there aren't many of them around here. I just wouldn't know where to start...

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