Thursday, February 21, 2008

my 20's have been cursed..

so I'm just making an observation about my 20's. I'll be 24 next January but it seems like my "20's" have been cursed. I had a good 20 year run without losing close family members - yeah sure a cousin who I'd never met would pass away but I usually wouldn't even find out about it until months after. Well every year since I've turned 20 I've lost someone in my immediate family: Grandma Codie Feb 2005, my brother Carl July 2006, DH's Grandmother Feb 2007, and now my mom(-in-law) Feb 2008. Honestly I'm scared about who it's going to be next.


Brittany said...

It's hard, I know nothing I say can make you feel better, and I'm sure many people have said, 'I'm sorry.' but I'm here. I'm thinking and praying for you guys, ::HUG::

Angela said...

Thanks for the support Brittany, it's really appreciated.