Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day!

Yesterday we went to Visalia for my eye doctor's appointment and our Valentines dinner, we wanted to just eat out on the 13th rather than today since we knew we'd have Logan and there wasn't much sense in facing the traffic, lines, and long waits with him. I decided to call Stacy and stop over there and I'm glad I called because they were going out to eat too and so we just all went to Brew Bakers together and had a really great time! I love hanging out with Stacy and Jake they're alot of fun, hopefully we'll move to Visalia soon and I'll get to see more of them.
DH got me a really great present this year, well it was really a christmas-birthday-valentinesday present but anywho he got me a HP Pavilion laptop and I was really needing a new one. It's very nice and has a 250GB hard drive, 2GB RAM, and a beautiful HD screen (seriously! I never knew laptops came with "hd" screens and it makes such a world of difference!) my old one only had a 60GB hardrive and 512MB RAM so it's a huge leap for me. I guess he's off the hook even if he forgets flowers and a card this year. :)
Completely off the topic I'm watching "Click" and I never realized that Kate Beckinsale has gorgeous hair!

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