Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sleep issues...

I've been having such a hard time sleeping at night, mainly falling asleep. Once I get to sleep I'm fine it's just the whole relaxing and falling asleep that takes forever, sometimes up to 4 HOURS! I didn't do a Meal Plan Monday this week since I didn't feel much like cooking. Honestly these last few days have been such a blur... I really miss my mother-in-law alot. It's so hard losing someone who is a constant in your life and I'm really sad for Logan. His 1st birthday is in one month, and while he probably won't remember grandma Genie when he's older I'm most sad about that. I always thought she'd be there for us, at least until Logan was in highschool. Grandparents aren't supposed to die when babies are so young and Genie shouldn't have died at all. I'm still really angry at the Drs and it still feels like it's not real. Sometimes I forget for just second that she's really gone and when I remember my heartbreaks all over again.

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