Saturday, February 02, 2008

Money Money Money

So today we got our tax refund, yay for money! Having money is always scary to me though, I really have to control myself to not run out and buy everything I want. In a way I think that shopping is therapeutic to me and I'll admit I do have a serious budget control issue. I wish I were more responsible with money but I really think that growing up it is your parents responsibility to teach you how to manage your money, my parents never did. We were always in debt and my parents were always avoiding answering the phone or making me or my brother do it and tell whoever that they weren't home. I never want to do that to Logan. I'm not afraid to answer the phone, I know it's inevitable and that I will have to deal with them eventually so why put it off? Besides doesn't it look better if you try to figure something out rather than pull the whole "pink elephant in the room" thing?
Anyway our tax refund is mostly going towards our bills, though I would like to put a portion of it into a savings account for Logan. If I could buy one large item for myself it would be a piano, I've always wanted one! Playing the piano is something that I really enjoy, I see it as an outlet much like I saw running as an outlet 2 years ago. I could be the running piano playing lady! Though I think it's be rather hard doing both at the same time. :) I don't see us being able to actually purchase anything large though, so a piano is defiantly out - besides where would we put it?
I am however trying to convince Michael to spend part of the money on one thing, a resort trip for us. You know just for the 2 of us to get away, possibly to Badger Pass in Yosemite for skiing/snowboarding or whatever. I've never gone skiing and it looks like alot of fun, so maybe this year is the year!

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